The Latest Trends In The Punk Music Genre

Punk music, and the spirit of Punk, has been alive in our music scene since the 1970s. Starting with bands like The Clash, The Romones and The Sex Pistols, the punk scene was brought across the ocean from England all the way to the United States. As time has passed, many feel punk has died, but it has actually evolved. While many bands play in the traditional style of punk nowadays, many bands have taken the punk ideology and transformed it into its own sub genre.
Many punk bands exist today still that have been playing for years. Bands like NOFX, The Lawrence Arms, Bad Religion and Pennywise(who recently employed a new lead singer) all are still playing after decades of existence. Their style is a dying breed, though, and many young bands are improving upon it.
Bands such as Title Fight, The Wonder Years and Polar Bear Club have used the punk style to build their very own, unique sound that is making them some of the most exciting bands to watch. They offer new song structures and vocal arrangements that prove they are forces to be reckoned with.
While thinking about the punk genre, it is important to remember how much it has evolved. It is also important to remember how much it will continue to evolve.

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